Monkey Quest

Stone Gardens

Stone Gardens

Monkeys from all over Ook have puzzled over the Stone Gardens. The Chim Foo Tribe secretly built the immense, mechanical blocks that give this trail its name over the course of many years. Their design and how they work continue to remain a mystery to this very day. However they were made, they surely must hide the Chim Foo’s valuable secrets.

Trail Access Point:
Bonsai Peaks
Trail Recommended Levels: 30-35
Idols: 10
Trail Exclusive Rewards:
Celestial Guardian Fan Tail, Ethereal Tunic Pattern, & Fiery Cyclone Earrings OR Ceremonial Skirt of the Phoenix

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Shadow Bathogs
  • Poison Dragons
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The Recipe of Dexterity
Monkeys required
Wisp needs you to find her the Recipe of Dexterity in the Stone Gardens.
Reward: 320 Bananas/4800 XP & Celestial Guardian Fan Tail

Fixing Wisp's Weakness
Monkeys required
Wisp wants you to mix the Bottles of Ink with water from the Well of Life in Stone Gardens.
Reward: 384 Bananas/5760 XP & Ethereal Tunic Pattern

Finding Proof
Monkeys required
Master Shade wants you to go to Stone Gardens and retrieve the 3 Documents that prove her innocence.
Reward: 384 Bananas/5760 XP

The Source of the Bombird’s Rage
Monkeys required
Feather wants you to defeat the Shadow Dragon in the Stone Gardens.
Reward: 384 Bananas/5760 XP & Fiery Cyclone Earrings OR Ceremonial Skirt of the Phoenix

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Three's Company
Stooges and musketeers are more than welcome in this trail. Parties smaller than three monkeys can't get very far, so buddy up with two friends if you plan on reaping the rewards of the Stone Gardens.

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